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Devan has a passion for helping businesses grow and succeed! He always has so much knowledge and information to share and is really great at helping you prioritize what is most important for each stage in your business.
The software and tools he uses can save you tons of time and allow you really capitalize on leads. The best part is it allows to spend more time working ON your business instead of inside it.
Highly recommend connecting with him for all of your marketing/automation needs!

Sara Codd

Live Better Health and Fitness

Devan has been an incredible asset to our marketing team and I highly recommend him for consulting and projects large or small. My favorite projects are working with Devan on strategies to help us "wring out" more sales from our existing leads and revive lost opportunities. Who wouldn’t be excited about increased ROI and Profits? Thanks Devan!

Lori Swanson


Guardian Home Services

Devan is so great! He’s very observant, has an eye for details, thinks things through, problem solves and provides not only issues but suggestions to improve. What a great find!!

April DeCarlo

Fit Code

I've named Devan's contact info in my phone to "Captain Automation", so that should tell you a lot. He knows this stuff really well. We've collaborated on projects for mutual clients and he can be relied on to produce some pretty awesome marketing trickery. If you hire him, I guarantee you'll have at LEAST one moment where you'll say out loud, "I didn't even know you could do that!”

Lane Anderson


London Road Media

After working with Devan the past few months it has been nothing short of amazing. I have consulted with a lot of other people with Infusionsoft and other platforms and he has just been impressive with his ability to help with the stated problems but to also help us understand other problems and/or opportunities.

Sheldon Matsey


Fit Code

I have worked with Devan on multiple projects. There are 3 things I like about the way Devan works.
1. He ensures he has a total understanding of what the project is, not just what his part is in it. This means he is able to help stop issues that may crop up in the future.
2. He is fast - on all my projects he has worked on he has completed ahead of schedule.
3. He is always upbeat!
Thanks for all your help now and in the future!

Rob McConachie


New Reality Media

Devan is extremely knowledgable, a quick problem solver, and best of all - he cares about his clients. What else could you want in a consultant?
I came to Devan with a high priority automation problem that was delaying the launch of a big campaign. He was able to diagnose the problem, find a solution, and coach me through it all so I could ensure it didn’t happen again - all in a timely manner.
I highly recommend connecting with Devan for your marketing & automation needs.

Nick Messmer

Lead Hounds

It has been so awesome working with Devan- he is incredibly knowledgeable and is quick to offer solutions and good ideas. Not only has he helped us build out successful automated campaigns, he has (patiently) taught us so much along the way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars all the way!

Morgan Roth

Guardian Home Services

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank Devan for all of his hard work, diligence and attention to detail throughout the entire process of creating our new systems and processes within Infusionsoft. We have been extremely pleased with all he has suggested, come up with and put into action. He is truly a team player. We would be happy to recommend him to any business owner who would like to maximize their use within Infusionsoft.

After a couple false starts with other companies, we finally found the perfect partner with Devan Borsboom. He paid attention to what we needed and listened to our ideas. He came up with efficient systems that were not only effective and met our business needs but were user friendly for staff.

Devan listens, analyzes the problem, develops a plan, advises you, and produces results without killing the budget. In addition, Devan made sure that our staff was fully trained on the new integration and made himself not only available to me, but to the staff affected by the changes. We have already seen an improvement in our follow up and increase in sales!

Sahara Bunna

Fit Code

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